The 2022 Bay of Plenty 5 Course Classic (“the Tournament”) shall be under the management and control of PaR nz Corporate Events Limited t/as PaR nz Golfing Holidays, as the tournament directors, along with a representative from each of the five host clubs (Mount Maunganui, Omanu. Omokoroa, Tauranga, Te Puke), forming the Tournament Committee whose decision on all matters relating to the Tournament shall be final.


1. Eligibility

1.1 The tournament is open to men and women aged 18 years and over (players must have reached their 18th birthday on or before the first day of competition (17th January 2022)

1.2 The tournament is only open to amateur golfers with a current World Golf Handicap.

1.3 The maximum handicap index not exceeding 36.0 (men) and 40.4 (women). The committee accepts that handicaps may alter from the time of entry to the start of the tournament.

1.4 The tournament committee may accept entries from players, whose current handicap is higher than when they entered, providing all play is off the maximum handicap levels as stated.

1.5 All handicaps will change daily according to the World Handicap System. 



2. Entry Requirements

2.1 The field is limited to the first 500 entries received.

2.2 Entries will only be accepted with full payment.

2.3 Entries will be taken up to the tournament date unless filled prior.

2.4 Entries shall only be received online www.5courseclassic.co.nz

2.5 All golfers will receive an electronic confirmation of entry and payment receipt.

2.6 The Tournament committee reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone, without having to give a reason.


3. Format

3.1 The Tournament will be a 90-hole single Stableford event (five rounds played over the five golf courses as per rotation published)

3.2 Players will be split into handicap divisions by gender. Final divisional splits will be determined when all entries are received and calculated on a proportional basis. Final divisions will be published online Friday 14th January 2022.

3.3 All golfers will be placed in equitable sized daily playing Groups at their preference (i.e. Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4). This information will be published by 17 December 2021. In the case of oversubscription, golfers will be allocated on an entry received date priority.

3.4 The official draws for the tournament week will be published online Monday 10th January 2022 www.5courseclassic.co.nz

3.5 For the daily draws' players will be drawn with their 4 requested friends or team on ONE occasion only and then mixed within the field for the remaining 4 rounds. 


4. Scorecards

4.1 Details of score card returns will be provided at tournament registration and may include the use of electronic score cards.


5. Results

5.1 Fun prizes will be awarded daily

5.2 Overall winners will be determined by the highest aggregate of Stableford points over the five competition rounds by division

5.3 Overall winners will be announced during the Farewell Prize Giving Function on Friday 21st January 2022.

5.4 Players may win more than one daily prize across the competition rounds.

5.5 Players may only win one aggregate prize.

5.6 All prizes will be distributed in accordance with the Rules of Amateur Golf Status.

5.7 All results will be published live on the website leader board www.5courseclassic.co.nz


6. Ties

6.1 In the event that players are tied, a count-back to determine the daily winners or place-getter will be conducted over the last 18 holes will be counted, and if still tied then the last 9 holes, then the last 6 holes, then 3 and then the last hole played. If still tied, the count-back will be decided by lot.

6.2 After 5 rounds, In the event that players are tied, a count-back to determine the overall winners or place-getter will be conducted over the last round of 18 holes will be counted, and if still tied then Round 4 (18 holes), then Round 3 (18 holes), then Round 2 (18 holes), Round 1 (18 holes).


7. Carts

7.1 Limited carts are available at the courses. In case of an over subscription, and where the number of carts are limited, priority will be given to those with a valid medical reason who may be asked to produce a medical certificate.


8. General

8.1 The Tournament will be played under the Rules of Golf, the Terms of Golf and the following issued at the tournament: -

8.1.1 Local Rules for each course

8.1.2 Health & Safety including any protocols required for COVID-19

8.1.3 Code of Conduct

8.1.4 Pace of Play

8.2 Players are expected to conform to all rules and regulations as may be issued.

8.3 The Tournament Committee reserves the right to amend any condition and / or to alter the number of playing days in the case of inclement weather.

8.4 Should any individual course be forced to abandon / cancel play on any day, the number of tournament rounds contributing to individual points will be reduced accordingly, regardless of whether some courses / players are not affected by such round cancellation.