To see latest updates re: Tee times etc please double check your times on this website.
The field has been evenly divided into 5 groups as follows:
Men's Division 1 Zero to 12.5
Men's Division 2 12.6 to 17.5
Men's Division 3 17.6 to 36.4
Women's Division 4 Zero to 20.8
Women's Division 5 20.9 to 36.4
Please note all handicaps have been frozen and the only changes will be for those who are scoring hot and we bring the knife out !
If you haven't received the newsletters by email please check your spam as a lot of systems don't cope with bulk emails. 
Please allow plenty of time to get to your course as Tauranga traffic is a nightmare with few optional routes so accidents can create mayhem.
Your cards are all pre-printed and course information such as tees, placing etc will be provided by the "Pink Shirt" volunteers.
We will be playing the new Stroke & Distance Local Rule at all courses.
We look forward to seeing the early birds at the informal welcome function at Tauranga Golf Club 4.00pm on Sunday.